4th Annual Stuart Hall Public Conversation: Movement and Stillness: Art in a Time of Crisis and Upheaval with Linton Kwesi Johnson, Roger Robinson and Jay Bernard on 3rd February 2021.

What is the role of art in a time of crisis and upheaval? Is it to speak up and speak out against injustice or to provide a space of quiet reflection? Should protest and movement take precedence over stillness and contemplation? And what part does imagination play in shaping alternative futures? Join us for our 4th Annual Public Conversation, which took place online this year, to welcome three of Britain’s leading artists and poets, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Roger Robinson and Jay Bernard as they came together to read and reflect on the role of art and poetry in our turbulent times.

Since 2018, our Public Conversation event has been our yearly moment to pause and reflect, inviting an audience to engage with the work of artists and thinkers on a chosen theme that responds to recent political, cultural and social changes taking place. Previous years have pursued themes through multiple lenses, providing a chance for questions and discussion, and punctuated with interventions by poets, artists and musicians that open up a different space for thinking.