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Black Cultural Activism Map

The Stuart Hall Foundation in collaboration with Black and Brown artists and activists are working on a dynamic and interactive online resource mapping past and present culturally diverse arts initiatives and cultural activism in Britain.

The Black Cultural Activism Map emerged from series of intergenerational conversations held over the past couple of years with the younger generations of artists, cultural practitioners and activists who have highlighted the need to set their own initiatives and activities within a historical context and to understand how they fit into and connect with earlier generations of culturally diverse artists and intellectuals. The historic research will result in an online living archive tracing the history and currency of diverse cultural activism throughout the UK over the past 50 years.

In addition to historical research, the Foundation commissioned three art collectives Skin DeepVoices that Shake! and RECLAIM to explore the remembering and reviving of Black and Brown activists or moments of resistance through individuals, organisations or political interventions that have been lost, hidden, erased or forgotten, or are at the risk of being lost, hidden, erased or forgotten. Each commission, developed between March and August 2018, resulted in an artistic output in a form best suited to the existing practices of each collective.

The theme of these commissions is Rep the Road (inspired by poet and writer Sai Murray), meaning the representation of the personal political journeys of Black and Brown British resistance and a repairing of the roads and legacies of communities of colour in the UK. We asked each collective to explore some or all of the following questions:

  • How can Black Cultural Activism Map be used to embed arts collectives in the legacy of Black and Brown activism and resistance in the UK across the generations?
  • How can Black Cultural Activism Map highlight unsung and forgotten Black and Brown heroes/heroines from our communities?
  • What were the political turning points and/or revelations for the Black and Brown individuals, organisations? How can Black Cultural Activism Map creatively remind us of their learning and lessons?
  • How can we use the Black Cultural Activism Map as present-day interventions and solidarity efforts in anti-gentrification efforts in the communities we come from as the gentrification erases and dismantles another generation of Black and brown contribution to culture and resistance?

The Black Cultural Activism Map showcased the commissioned artworks with a launch event on 13th October 2018, bringing together artists, activists, and cultural practitioners.

The digital platform will be unveiled in Spring 2019, with a second launch event hosted by the ICA.

* We call this the Black Cultural Activism Map to honour the legacies of political blackness from which we have grown. We wish to be inclusive of black, brown and diasporic peoples. We recognise that our work is part of an ongoing conversation.


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Project team

Farzana Khan (Project Manager/Curator)

Farzana Khan is a cultural producer and an award-winning arts educator. Farzana works at Platform, a climate and social justice organisation working across arts, education, research and activism. Farzana has over 10 years background in youth and community work particularly focused on arts-based education projects both in the UK and internationally. Her academic focus has been on radical and transformative education through creativity. She is the co-founder of Healing Justice London, building community repair and self-transformation models based on non-eurocentric methods for communities of colour. Farzana is a Fellow at the International Curatorial Forum and currently curating a Black Activism Map with the Stuart Hall Foundation, mapping cultural resistance in the UK. Her areas of work and writing focus on gender and racial justice, self and social transformation to interrupt cycles of harm and violence, community repair and self-healing.

Hammad Nasar (Executive Director, Stuart Hall Foundation)

Ilze Rieba (Administrator, Stuart Hall Foundation)

 For further information and press enquiries, please contact Farzana Khan at or Ilze Rieba at

Black Cultural Activism Map has been supported with funding from Arts Council England and Unbound Philanthropy.