Obituaries, Reminiscences and  Commentaries

Edited by Lawrence Grossberg

‘Stuart Hall, 1932–2014’ by Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Jeremy Gilbert and Jean Fisher

‘Long Live Stuart Hall’ by Biko Agozino

‘The Effort to Transform: Intellectual Legacies of Stuart Hall’ by Sarah Ahmed

‘Meeting Stuart Hall’ by Sara Ahmed, Gargi Bhattacharyya, Yasmin Gunaratnam,Vera Jocelyn, Patricia Noxolo, Pratibha Parmar, Ann Phoenix, Nirmal Puwar, Suzanne Scafe

‘In memoriam: Professor Stuart McPhail Hall (1932–2014)’ by Claire Alexander,Brett St Louis and Raminder Kaur

‘Stuart Hall’s message to those who want change: think, debate – and get off your backside’ by Tariq Ali

‘Stuart Hall: a bright star’ by Les Back

‘Following Stuart Hall’ by Les Back and Mónica Moreno Figueroa

Stuart Hall (1932-2014) by BBC Thinking Allowed

‘Stuart Hall (1932–2014): Kulttuurintutkimus, musta diaspora ja kamppailu neoliberalismia vastaan’ by Thomas Barfuss Juha Koivisto

‘Stuart Hall (1932-2014): Intellektueller der Schwarzen diaspora, Kampfer widen den neoliberalismus’ by Von Thomas Barfuss und Juha Koivisto

‘Stuart Hall, um intelectual cosmopolita e não apenas por biografia’ by Vítor Belanciano

‘On Stuart Hall’ by Nick Beech

‘The Stuart Hall Conjuncture’ by Tony Bennett

‘The Beginnings of Their Own Enunciations: Stuart Hall and the Work of Culture’ by Homi K. Bhabha

‘Stuart Hall (1932-2014)’ by Robin Blackburn

‘Stuart Hall, February 3rd, 1932-to February 10th, 2014: An Obituary’ by Robin Blackburn

‘Long Live Stuart Hall’ by Dr Paul Bowman

‘Stuart Hall: endearing theoretician of note’ by Avtar Brah

‘Public Intellectual, Immigrant, Activist: the many lives of Stuart Hall’ by Roger Bromley

”Godfather of multiculturalism’ Stuart Hall dies aged 82′ by Patrick Butler

‘Stuart Hall’s Intellectual Formation and Legacy: An Overview Essay for this Special Section’ by Carolyn M. Byerly,Sam Harman and Ashley L. Lewis

‘Stuart Hall in perspective’ by Alex Callinicos

‘The most important public intellectual of the last 50 years’ by Ben Carrington

‘Castaway: Stuart Hall in his own words’ by Stuart Hall

‘Reshuffling the cultural pack: the link between Naples and cultural studies’ by Lidia Curti and Iain Chambers

‘Editorial introduction: Stuart Hall special issue’ by Kuan-Hsing Chen

‘Prof Stuart Hall, Jean Babilée, Tony Crook, Shirley Temple Black’ by BBC Last Word

‘Why Stuart Hall was music to my ears’ by Ornette Clennon

‘The Legacy of Stuart Hall (Dies aged 82)’ by Tendance Coatesy

‘Stuart Hall and the Birmingham Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies’ by Kieran Connell and Matthew Hilton, University of Birmingham

‘Reflections, Memories, Appreciations’ by Ann Cuthoys and John Docker, University of Sydney

‘The elsewhere of cultural studies: a personal remembrance’ by Lidia Curti

‘Obituary for Stuart Hall’ by Roger Dale

‘Stuart Hall’ by Sally Davidson

‘Policing the Crisis’ by Ashley Dawson

‘Stuart Hall’s Legacy (Part I)’ by Benji Demott

‘Stuart Hall’s Legacy (Part 2)’ by Benji Demott

‘Teaching Cultural Studies; Teaching Stuart Hall’ by Catherine Driscoll

‘Stuart Hall: Relevance and Remembrance’ by Jennifer C. Dunn

Obituary: Stuart Hall by Simon During

‘All Blues’ by Brent Hayes Edwards

‘Stuart Hall, 1932–2014’ by Geoff Eley

‘Stuart Hall: a dedication’ by Adam Elliott-Cooper

‘Stuart Hall: ‘He Used His Intellect To Fight Racism” by Adam Elliott-Cooper

‘Stuart Hall: An OU perspective’ by Jessica Evans

‘Stuart Hall: the artist who inspired Britain’s black intellectuals’ by Jean Fisher

Stuart Hall’s dialogical interventions’ by Johan Fornäs

‘Stuart Hall, o pensador do multiculturalismo’ by Severino Francisco

‘A tribute to Stuart Hall’ by Jeremy Gilbert

‘Twenty-First Century Man: The Urgent Legacy of Stuart Hall’ by Jeremy Gilbert

‘Media and Power After Stuart Hall’ by Gerard Goggin

‘MeCCSA and Stuart Hall’ by Peter Golding

‘Rage Against the Dying of a Light: Stuart Hall (1932-2014)’ by Lawrence Grossberg

‘Learning from Stuart Hall, following the path with heart’ by Lawrence Grossberg

‘Conjunctural thinking – “pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will”: Lawrence Grossberg remembers Stuart Hall’ by Leslie G. Roman

‘Diasporic walking sticks’ by Yasmin Gunaratnam

‘The Stuart Hall Building, Goldsmiths’ by Julian Henriques

‘In Memoriam: Stuart Hall, 1932-2014’ by Lisa Henderson

‘Stuart Hall’ by Matthew Hilton and Kieran Connell

‘Ein Nachruf auf Stuart Hall‘ by Von Roman Horak

‘IAMCR Tribute to Stuart Hall’ by Colin Sparks, Hopeton Dunn, Sarah Ristovska, Susie Tharu

‘Stuart Hall in Africa’ by Sean Jacobs

‘Stuart Hall’s South African Legacy’ by Sean Jacobs

‘Appreciation: Stuart Hall, 1932-2014’ by Martin Jacques

‘Always an outsider: that is why he had such a unique insight’ by Martin Jacques

‘Stuart Hall’s pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will: reflections on an intellectual life’ by Sut Jhally

‘Stuart Hall’s cultural legacy: Britain under the microscope’ by Stuart Jeffries

‘Learning from ‘SH’: 1974-1979, 2012-14’ by Richard Johnson

‘On Stuart Hall: An engaged politics of humility’ by Glenn Jordan

‘Muse: Stuart Hall’ by Isaac Julian

‘In Memoriam: Stuart Hall’ by Isaac Julian

‘From alienation to empowerment via the writings of Stuart Hall’ by Coco Khan

‘Stuart Hall’s Revolutionary Legacy’ by Mark LeVine

‘Inside Out: A Diasporic Narrative’ by Tania Lewis

‘Stuart Hall e os estudos de mídia’ by Venício Lima

‘From Jo Littler’ by Soundings Facebook

‘Why We Need Stuart Hall’s Imaginative Left’ by Jessica Loudis

‘Stuart Hall (Wahneema Lubiano Comments, Stuart Hall Event, 17 March 2014)’ by Wahneema Lubiano

‘Inspirational and influential: cultural theorist Stuart Hall dies aged 82’ by Sarita Malik

‘Stuart Hall on “doing cultural studies”’ by Daniel Mato

‘On Stuart Hall’ By Gregor McLennan

‘Times with Stuart’ by Angela McRobbie

‘Stuart Hall, Caribbean Thought and the world we live in’ by Brian Meeks, Anthony Bogues and Rupert Lewis

‘Stuart Hall’ by Kobena Mercer

‘Infinite Conversations’ by Nicholas Mirzoeff

‘Stuart Hall was a voice for misfits everywhere. That’s his real legacy’ by Suzanne Moore

‘Stuart Hall; a class act’ by Merilyn Moss

‘Stuart Hall obituary’ by David Morley and Bill Schwaz

‘Britain’s most distinguished post-war public intellectual and cultural analyst’ by Graham Murdock

‘Stuart Hall (1932-2014)’ by Richard Paterson and Dr Paul Gerhardt

‘The Stuart Hall I knew’ by Annie Paul

‘Tribute to Stuart Hall‘ by Mark Perryman

‘Stuart Hall: Crossing the Border’ by Ernesto Priego

‘A Feminist Love Letter to Stuart Hall; or What Feminist Cultural Studies Needs to Remember’ by Elspeth Probyn

‘In honour of Stuart Hall’ by Department of Psychosocial Studies, Birkbeck University of London

‘Meeting Stuart Hall’s Voice’ by Nirmal Puwar

‘Stuart Hall (1932-2014), um pioneiro do multiculturalismo que marcou várias gerações’ by Luís Miguel Queirós e Hugo Torres

‘In honour of Stuart Hall’ by Janice Radway

‘Remembering Amiri Baraka and Stuart Hall’ by Barbara Ransby

‘Scholars recall Stuart Hall, ‘high priest of the New Left’’ by Matthew Reisz

‘A giant of the New Left passes’ by Bruce Robbins

‘Stuart Hall Quotes’ by Gill Rodman

‘Stuart Hall, an extraordinary educator, cultural politics and public pedagogies’ by Leslie G. Roman

‘Regenerating Stuart Hall’ by Paddy Scannell

‘The Last Conjuncture’ by David Scott

‘For Stuart Hall’ by Joe Sim

‘Stuart Hall lives: cultural studies in an age of digital media’ by Katherine Sender and Peter Decherney

‘Let’s Keep Talking About Stuart Hall’ by Helen Stuhr-Rommereim

‘A Fictional Past: The myth of the ‘Great American Novel’’ by Lynn Tillman

‘A Perceptive Outsider Always Looking In: Stuart Hall, 1932-2014’ by Social Science Space

‘Stuart Hall’ by Keyan Tomaselli and Ruth Teer-Tomaselli

‘Remembering Stuart Hall’ by Couze Venn

‘When Stuart Hall Was White’ by James Vernon

‘To Discover Stuart Hall’ by Suchitra Vijayan

‘The Spirit of Stuart Hall’ by Hilary Wainwright

‘On the Passing of a Black Intellectual’ by Rebecca Wanzo

‘RIP Stuart Hall’ by McKenzie Wark

‘Could you name a British black intellectual, now Stuart Hall has gone?’ by Paul Warmington

‘Stuart Hall’s Relevance for the Study of Slavery in Biocapitalism’ by Alys Eve Weinbaum

‘Remembering the chuckle’ by Garry Whannel

‘Cultural studies: a cancer on the academy’ by Joanna Williams

‘Professor Stuart Hall: Sociologist and pioneer in the field of cultural studies whose work explored the concept of Britishness’ by Marcus Williamson

‘Stuart Hall, Marxism without guarantees, and ‘The hard road to renewal’’ by Owen Worth

‘The worldliness of Stuart Hall’ by Handel Kashope Wright

‘Stuart Hall, Trailblazing British Scholar of Multicultural Influences, Is Dead at 82’ by William Yardley

‘Stuart Hall: a class warrior and a class act’ by Gary Younge

‘Saluting Prof Stuart Hall’ by Jamaica Observer

‘Stuart Hall and Cultural Studies at UEL’ by UEL

‘Stuart Hall 1932-2014’ by Merton College, Oxford (with thanks to Michael Whitworth)

‘Stuart Hall – obituary’ by The Telegraph

‘Stuart Hall (1932-2014): Jamaican ‘sugar at the bottom of the English cup of tea’ by Transpontine, author unknown

”Critical Studies in Media Communication, Volume 33, Issue 5 (2016) Stuart Hall Lives: Cultural Studies in an age of Digital Media’

‘Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education, Volume 36, Issue 2 (2015) Stuart Hall, 1932–2014: Educational projects, legacies, futures’ 

‘Howard Journal of Communications, Volume 27, Issue 2 (2016) Special Section: Stuart Hall’

‘Social Text Journal Online Special Issue: Remembering Stuart Hall’