We are thrilled to announce the Black Cultural Activism Map, a new project mapping culturally diverse arts initiatives and cultural activism in the UK. 

The project emerged from a series of “Intergenerational Conversations” held over the past two years with young artists, cultural practitioners and activists. Participants highlighted the need to set their own initiatives and activities within a historical context and to understand how they fit into and connect with earlier generations of culturally diverse artists and intellectuals. The project will culminate in a dynamic, interactive online living archive, tracing the history and currency of Black and Brown cultural activism throughout the UK over the past 50 years.

The Foundation has also commissioned the art collectives Skin Deep and Voices that Shake! to explore the legacy of Black and Brown activists and acts of resistance through individuals, organisations or political interventions, that have been or are at risk of being lost, hidden, erased or forgotten. 

The Black Cultural Activism Map launches in Autumn 2018 with a public event that will bring together artists, activists and cultural practitioners to unveil the online archive and showcase the commissioned artworks.

This project is supported by Arts Council England – London.


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