Adey Abebe Balcha


Adey Abebe Balcha is a Digital Documentary MA Scholar at the University of Sussex (2019/2020). She was awarded the Silverstone Award for her dissertation documentary following her personal investigation into the colonial images found in western media representations of Africa, focusing specifically on the Ethiopian famine of the 1980s. 

After receiving her BA in Journalism, Adey returned to Ethiopia with a new found interest in African studies and postcolonial theory. She volunteered to assist in the CHCI Africa Workshop – Africa as Concept and Method: Emancipation, Decolonization, Freedom and was working as a researcher at Addis Ababa’s prominent radio station Sheger Radio 102.1, specifically for programs where the topics ranged from colonialism, ethnicity and politics in Ethiopia.

Adey now intends to go back to Ethiopia to pursue a career in documentary filmmaking with a continued interest in African studies.