Anna Lienen


Anna Lienen has been a Stuart Hall Fellow at the Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany between 2016–19. Anna currently teaches in the field of British Cultural Studies at Ruhr-University. She previously studied English, German and Philosophy at the University of Paderborn and graduated with ‘Erstes Staatsexamen’ in 2012. She worked at Paderborn University as a research assistant to Merle Tönnies and Christina Flotmann as well as receiving a scholarship from Paderborn University. Her research interests include black British fiction, the intersections between gender, class and ethnicity, concepts of space and place as well as Victorian literature. 

Her PhD thesis (working title: Narrating the Black Male Underclass – Gender, Space, Identity) draws on Hall’s Policing the Crisis and Resistance through Rituals as well as the essays “New Ethnicities”, “The Work of Representation” and “The Spectacle of the ‘Other'”. The thesis focuses on contemporary literary representations of young black British men – often stereotyped as ‘black youths’ – who live in inner-city areas but are excluded from mainstream society. Its aim is a multi-perspectival, intersectional critical reading of class, ethnicity and gender.