Meha Dedhia


Meha Dedhia is an independent documentary filmmaker from Mumbai, currently studying an MA in Media Practice for Development and Social Change at the University of Sussex. After completing her undergraduate degree in journalism, she spent three years working as a freelancer with various media production houses and NGOs in India, while simultaneously working on two independent documentary films: ‘(Un)conditional Love’, a film about adoption of children with special needs in India; and ‘Wasted’, a film about post-harvest food loss in India.

Her studies focus on the discourse around race, culture and media, and producing short documentaries on contemporary issues. After completing her MA, she is interested in collaborating and working with organizations to make films that highlight and promote conversations around mental health, women empowerment, refugee rights, special needs support, sustainability and agriculture. With a dream to open her own film production company in the future, she is determined to use media as a tool to bring the often disregarded or misunderstood subjects to people’s attention. She is very honored to have received the Stuart hall scholarship because it has allowed her to gain a fulfilling experience at university and make a valuable contribution among her peers in class.