Mohamed Ejjbair

PhD Scholar | Queen Mary University London | 2022 – 2025

Mohamed Ejjbair is a PhD student in the Comparative Literature department at Queen Mary, University of London. His PhD research concerns the use of prophecy in the online conspiracy theory known as the ‘Great Replacement’. His interest in conspiracy theories began whilst he was doing his BA, in which he completed his dissertation entitled ‘The Politics of Paranoia’. He then completed his MA at QMUL in 2020 which was funded by the university’s UK Black and Global Majority Studentship. His MA focused on the literary roots of the ‘Great Replacement’ theory. His PhD is a continuation of this work. Mohamed is also currently working on a project on online extremism in collaboration with tech company Moonshot. He was also the recipient of numerous academic prizes, including the Principal’s Prize and Drapers Company Prize. He is extremely grateful to the Start Hall Foundation for awarding him this studentship and allowing him to continue his research into the dangerous ideas of the far-right.