Susuana Amoah


Susuana Amoah is the University of Sussex Stuart Hall Foundation Fellow (2021/2022). She is a Brighton-based cultural activist, artist-curator, and PhD researcher at Goldsmiths, University of London. Susuana’s research project explores decolonial approaches to curatorial practice in public contemporary art galleries. This study maps the influence of European modern art theories within the development of conventional contemporary curatorial practices and examines how these colonial/modernist ideologies and practices work to reinforce coloniality and cultural hegemony. Through the engagement of a mixture of participatory action research and creative qualitative evaluation methods, this practice-led research project ultimately aims to develop an ethical framework and guidance for decolonial curatorial practice.

Susuana is passionate about socially-engaged art, fugitive feminism, decolonial praxis and exploring creative ways of highlighting narratives and social movements by marginalised groups. Susuana is also the Community Officer at Arts Emergency, the co-convener of the Paul Mellon Centre’s Doctoral Researchers Network and a member of the Black Curators Collective.