Date and Time

26th October 2021



  • Jhannel Tomlinson
  • Leon Sealey-Huggins

Our #ReconstructionWork online conversation series continues with another special event with support from Arts Council England.

In the global north and south, low-income communities are the first to experience the impacts of pandemics, water scarcity, power shortages, poor air quality and subpar living standards, which amplify vulnerabilities to extreme weather conditions. These communities are also agents of potent political resistance who have consistently advanced community-based solutions to the climate crisis that are often ignored, or silenced, by the mainstream.

On Tuesday 26th October, the Stuart Hall Foundation will welcome Jhannel Tomlinson, Cofounder of the Young People for Action Jamaica and GirlsCARE and is also the Sustainability Lead for the JAWiC board, and Leon Sealey-Huggins, Lecturer in Global Sustainable Development at the University of Warwick, to discuss intersectional approaches to addressing the climate crisis and its colonial roots. Coinciding with COP26, Jhannel and Leon will share their experiences, think through examples of community-based organising against climate antagonisms, and complicate corporate-led solutions to addressing climate change.

This event will take place online and closed captions will be provided.

Read more about the #ReconstructionWork project and watch all previous conversations here.


Jhannel Tomlinson

Jhannel Tomlinson is a PhD candidate finalising her research on community based adaptation to climate change in Jamaica. She is cofounder the Young People for Action Jamaica and GirlsCARE and is also the Sustainability Lead for the JAWiC board. She has represented Jamaica as the youth delegate at COP24/25 and has attended the ECOSOC Youth Forum, the UN Youth Climate Summit and is slated to attend Youth4Climate: Driving Ambition in Milan in September. She has received the Prime Minister’s Youth Award for Environment Protection, is a steering committee member for the PAHO/ CARIFORUM One Health Project and was recently listed as the Caribbean awardee on the ’50 Next ‘ Listing of young people working towards the future of food.

Leon Sealey-Huggins

Leon has conducted scholarship (teaching, research and writing) and activism on climate breakdown for over 15 years. This work is motivated by a deep concern over the ways in which climate breakdown is caused by and contributes to deeply ingrained historical oppressions. When not fretting about the apocalypse, Leon likes to watch prestige TV series, read novels, run, cook and climb. Leon is a Trustee of both The GAP people’s arts project in Balsall Heath, Birmingham, the Fruit and Nut Tree Village, co-founder of Breathe and member of Wretched of the Earth.