The Stuart Hall Foundation will be partnering with the Centre on the Dynamics of Ethnicity (CoDE) at the University of Manchester to support ‘The Covid Race and Ethnic Inequalities Programme’, an ambitious new research project that will measure impact of Covid-19 on ethnic minority people in the UK.

We will be working with CoDE to present a number of future events and initiatives, the first of which will be a week-long online conference in March, ‘Racial Inequality in a Time of Crisis’, which is co-hosted with CoDE and Runnymede Trust.

“The Stuart Hall Foundation is proud to be working in partnership with CoDE and we are committed to working together to understand the full impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the lives of Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities in Britain through this survey, which is the first and largest of its kind in this country. We believe that this important research, together with CoDE’s groundbreaking research programme and our recently published Race Report which sets out the 589 recommendations previously made to address racial inequality in Britain, will contribute to a growing and irrefutable body of evidence on the lived experience of our religious and ethnic minority communities. The results of this research will be invaluable for evidence-based policy making and investment strategies that genuinely seek to rebuild and renew all our communities post-Covid.”

Gilane Tawadros, Chair of the Stuart Hall Foundation

CoDE is leading a collation of 10 universities in England and Scotland to spearhead ‘The Covid Race and Ethnic Inequalities Programme’ as a response to the crisis posed by the pandemic, and its impact on racial and ethnic minority people’s lives. This innovative, robust and timely programme has 32 diverse researchers working on 10 work packages guided by 5 themes: 

  1. Mapping inequality
  2. Economic inequalities
  3. Education
  4. Policy, politics and activism
  5. Health, mental health and ageing

The work is due to take place over two years and will be informed by Brexit, the current economic downturn and an increased awareness of racial inequality in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests, and the rise of racist and anti-racist activism.

“The pandemic has brought the lethal impact of racial and ethnic discrimination into sharp focus. We know that Covid-19 has caused more deaths among racial and ethnic minority communities, but it is also urgent that we understand the wider social and economic impacts. The rigorous research we generate will give concrete evidence of inequalities to produce better policy responses and to campaign for the ending of injustice.”

Professor Bridget Byrne, Director, CoDE.

Book your place today at the ‘Racial Inequality in a Time of Crisis’ conference, streaming live each day at 5pm from 9th – 12th March. 

We will be announcing more events in partnership with CoDE soon, so keep an eye on our website or sign up to the newsletter to keep informed.

Find out more about the Centre on the Dynamics of Ethnicity. 

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