Established in 2017 as a collaboration between the Stuart Hall Foundation and the journal Cultural Studies, the award seeks to identify articles by early career scholars that strongly contribute to cultural studies as envisaged by Stuart Hall. We are looking for innovative papers that exhibit one or more of the following characteristics: 

  • A sustained engagement with, or extension of, Stuart Hall’s writings/ideas
  • A developed combination of theoretical reflection and empirical/conjunctural analysis in the service of political struggle and transformation
  • A contextual, non-reductionist investigation into important contemporary or historical realities

Articles that fulfil the criteria are shortlisted by the Cultural Studies editors from papers published in the annual volume of the journal. The shortlist is then evaluated by a panel comprising members of the Stuart Hall Foundation’s Academic Committee and the Cultural Studies Editors-in-Chief. 

For more information and submission guidelines, please visit the Taylor and Francis website.

SHF x Cultural Studies Award winners

2022: CJ Reynolds, ‘Mischievous Infrastructure: Tactical Secrecy through Infrastructural Friction in Police Video Systems,’ (Volume 35, Issue 4 – 5)

2021: Aria S. Halliday, Twerk Sumn!: Theorizing Black Girl Epistemology in the Body, (Volume 34, Issue 6)

2020: Jamie Hakim, The Rise of Chemsex: Queering Collective Intimacy in Neoliberal London, (Volume 33, Issue 2)

2019: Eduardo Restrepo, Talks and disputes of racism in Colombia after multiculturalism, (Volume 32, Issue 3)

2018: Bohyeong Kim, Think rich, feel hurt: the critique of capitalism and the production of affect in the making of financial subjects in South Korea (Volume 31, Issue 5)

2017: Laura Junka-Aikio, Can the Sámi speak Now? Deconstructive research ethos and the debate on who is a Sámi in Finland, (Volume 30, Issue 2)

Read more about the winning authors on our Scholars and Fellows page.

Top Image (left to right) – Cultural Studies cover art: (Volume 32, Issue 3) – cover artist, Hirofumi Ito, (Volume 33, Issue 2) – cover artist, J.P. Kim, (Volume 31, Issue 5).