The Stuart Hall Foundation is pleased to continue its partnership with the School of Social Sciences at the University of Manchester to offer a studentship for a PhD candidate starting in September 2022.

The studentship is inspired by the life and work of Professor Stuart Hall and his research legacy in the areas of race, ethnicity, cultural and structural inequalities. Aware of the obstacles to accessing higher education, we are committed to continuing Professor Stuart Hall’s life-long commitment to provide opportunities to students from non-traditional backgrounds.

Applications for this studentship are particularly welcome from candidates from non-traditional or disadvantaged backgrounds who are under-represented at graduate level in the School of Social Sciences at Manchester.

The Stuart Hall PhD Scholarship will be awarded to one student in the School of Social Sciences at the University of Manchester for a PhD starting in September 2022 and will cover fees (either home or international), a stipend and a research training support grant. The scholarship can be held in any of the 8 Departments within the School of Social Sciences. It is expected that the award-winner will be working in an interdisciplinary area of study focused on one of Stuart Hall’s many areas of interest: cultural studies, race, ethnicity and inequalities.

Potential applicants should first apply to the Department of their choice for a PhD place, and will then be advised whether they can make a further application for this scholarship. See the website for information on the relevant Departments and how to apply for a PhD.

Closing date for PhD applications:

  • Politics, Sociology, Social Anthropology, Law, Criminology, Social Stats – 1st December 2021
  • Economics – 7th January 2022
  • Philosophy – 10th January 2022

Closing date for applications for the Stuart Hall PhD scholarship: March 1st, 2022.

Admission related queries to

Contact department admission tutors for enquiries relating to research proposals and content.

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How to apply

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The Stuart Hall PhD Scholarship at University of Manchester was awarded to Lucija Duda in 2020 and Gabriel Marques Camargo in 2021.

“As a Stuart Hall PhD scholar, I became a part of the network of scholars and fellows whose academic aspirations and themes follow the life and work of Professor Stuart Hall. Talks and events organised by SHF are giving the continuous impetus to my work, allowing me from the beginning to address the questions of racial, class and gender inequalities in the light of current social dynamics. Being involved in this network inspires me to fight relentlessly for a more inclusive future while relying on recent words of Angela Davis, inspired by Stuart Hall, “when we do this work of organising against racism, hetero-patriarchy, capitalism — organising to change the world — there are no guarantees, to use Stuart Hall’s phrase, that our work will have an immediate effect. But we have to do it as if it were possible.“

Lucija Duda, Stuart Hall PhD Scholar, University of Manchester

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