Our third Annual Public Conversation pursued the theme of Resistance through multiple lenses. The event, which took place on Saturday 8th February, welcomed special guests; multidisciplinary artist and designer Bahia Shehab, journalist and author Jack Shenker, investigative journalist Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi, sociologist Yusef Bakkali, and jazz pianist and composer Nikki Yeoh. The afternoon was chaired by Professor Ethel Brooks. Watch a selection from the day’s sessions: – Keynote from Jack Shenker 00:00:04​ – Discussion panel with, Yusef Bakkali, Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi and Jack Shenker, chaired by Ethel Brooks 00:30:33​ – Stuart Hall Foundation Chair Gilane Tawadros, introduces Nikki Yeoh 1:25:50​ – Performance from Nikki Yeoh 1:26:43​