#ReconstructionWork Conversations

15th August 2022 / Video

Building Black Cultural Institutions with Gilane Tawadros, Lisa Anderson, Ian Sergeant, Marlene Smith and Amahra Spence

What is the word ‘Black’ in ‘Black Cultural Institutions’? Why does it seem like there are so few black-led arts organisations in the UK that...

16th June 2022 / Video

Whose Memorials? with Barby Asante and Shawn Sobers

The state backlash against the mass protests for racial justice in June 2020 is well underway. A reaction punctuated by the recent passing of...

14th March 2022 / Video

The Politics of Care with Dharmi Kapadia and Dzifa Afonu

How can we make sense of the concept of ‘care’ in today’s political and economic landscape? After twelve years of austerity, large scale public...

18th January 2022 / Video

Frontlines: Land and the Climate Crisis with Abeer Butmeh, Dr Hamza Hamouchene and Sam Siva

Land both contributes and is affected by climate change. It is the frontlines of the climate crisis where livelihoods, resources and inherited...

8th December 2021 / Video

Publishing in the Wake of Black Lives Matter with Margaret Busby and Anamik Saha

The Black Lives Matter protests in the summer of 2020 produced an unprecedented amount of public statements from corporate media in support of...

3rd November 2021 / Video

Climate Justice From Below: Race, Class and Climate Crisis with Jhannel Tomlinson and Leon Sealey-Huggins

By: Jhannel Tomlinson & Leon Sealey-Huggins

Our #ReconstructionWork online conversation series continues with another special event with support from Arts Council England. In the global...

26th July 2021 / Video

Can the Museum Be Decolonised? Mohammed Ali, Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan and Ahdaf Soueif

On Wednesday 7th July, the Stuart Hall Foundation an online roundtable as part of their #ReconstructionWork series to think through the...

11th May 2021 / Video

Racial Disparities in Mental Healthcare, with James Nazroo and Lanre Malaolu

On Tuesday 11th May, the Stuart Hall Foundation and the Centre on the Dynamics of Ethnicity (CoDE) hosted a conversation between James Nazroo,...

30th October 2020 / Video

Intergenerational Inequality with Shiv Malik and Susanna Rustin

Shiv Malik, and Susanna Rustin explore how intergenerational inequality, and the economic reality on which it has been based, has changed our...

4th September 2020 / Video

Legacies of British Slave Ownership with Catherine Hall and Ruth Ramsden-Karelse

Catherine Hall and Ruth Ramsden-Karelse discuss the Legacies of British Slave Ownership. They explore the importance of new histories,...

Public Conversations

28th February 2022 / Video

Manufacturing Dissent: Moments of Solidarity (5th Annual Stuart Hall Public Conversation, 3rd February 2022)

5th Annual Stuart Hall Public Conversation – 'Manufacturing Dissent: Moments of Solidarity' took place on 3rd February 2022, with speakers...

8th February 2021 / Video

Art in a Time of Crisis and Upheaval with Linton Kwesi Johnson, Roger Robinson and Jay Bernard (4th Annual Stuart Hall Public Conversation, 2021)

4th Annual Stuart Hall Public Conversation: Movement and Stillness: Art in a Time of Crisis and Upheaval with Linton Kwesi Johnson, Roger...

3rd February 2021 / Video

Linton Kwesi Johnson on the role of the poet (4th Stuart Hall Public Conversation, February 2021)

"Poetry for me was a cultural weapon in the black liberation struggle" - Linton Kwesi Johnson

8th February 2020 / Video

Third Annual Public Conversation: Resistance

Our third Annual Public Conversation pursued the theme of Resistance through multiple lenses. The event, which took place on Saturday 8th...

Racial Inequality in a Time of Crisis Conference

12th March 2021 / Video

Racial Inequality in a Time of Crisis: Culture and Cultural Activism

This panel, part of the 'Racial Inequality in a Time of Crisis' conference (9-12 March), will explore the nature of racial inequalities and the...

11th March 2021 / Video

Racial Inequality in a Time of Crisis: Employment and Young People

Covid-19 has induced the biggest shock to the UK economy seen in modern times and, without significant government action, the effect on the...

10th March 2021 / Video

Racial Inequality in a Time of Crisis: Health and Well-Being

Ethnic minority people have experienced a much higher risk of COVID-19 related death, a stark disproportion that has impacted on all ethnic and...

9th March 2021 / Video

Racial Inequality in a Time of Crisis: Policing the Crisis

The emergence of the Black Lives Matters movement is marked by the deaths (incomplete lives) of minoritised people who encountered the police....

Artists and Commissions

2nd March 2018 / Video

Ting-Ting Cheng - On the Desert Island

To celebrate the launch of Ting-Ting Cheng’s On the Desert Island, the outcome of the first ever Stuart Hall Library Artist’s Residency,...

18th September 2020 / Video

The Stuart Hall Foundation by Jess Hall and Richard Harrington

Stuart Hall Foundation Film by Jess Hall and Richard Harrington. Inspired by the life and work of Professor Stuart Hall, the Stuart Hall...

On Stuart

13th May 2015 / Video

Angela Davis on Stuart Hall (2014)

By: Daisy Samuel and Julia dos Santos

13th May 2015 / Video

Angela Davis on Stuart Hall (2014)

By: Daisy Samuel and Julia dos Santos

Director and Producer: Daisy Samuel and Julia dos Santos Interviewer:  Daisy Samuel Camera Operator: Stanley Leung Sound Recordist: Ana...

7th January 2021 / Video

Stuart Hall: Through the Prism of an Intellectual Life | Thinking About Thinking

By: Media Education Foundation

Originally Published by the Media Education Foundation The Media Education Foundation presents a newly discovered recording of a seminal...